White Berg TFI is a Polish independent investment fund company which focuses on establishing and managing various types of closed end funds. Our professional experience is based on market knowledge about alternative investments offered in the form of closed-end funds (FIZ), non-public funds (FIZ AN) and Closed - End Investment Fund Non- Standarized Debt Fund (CIF NDF). We build a wide, stable, and efficient business network of legal professionals, tax advisors, auditors, appraisal specialists and business professionals, with whom we cooperate, to offer and construct non-standard, tailor-made vehicles and asset structures for our investors.

We have been operating within Polish financial market as an independent manager for over 14 years. Our team consists of professionals who have extensive practical experience of working for banks, brokerage houses and investment fund companies. We have conducted dozens of investment transactions and contributed to the settlement of hundreds of dedicated and closed-end funds.


Stable capital appreciation, which contributes to the increase in the rate of returns for investors, is the core of our investment principles. In our investment decision-making process, risk management and liquidity are primary objectives and constraints. The core of our philosophy is building strong relations with our investors and engendering their trust.

We invest your money as if it was our own money. We tailor investment vehicles based on meeting investors’ unique requirements and to suit unique market and legal conditions. We specialize in managing closed-end funds which invest in real estate projects and overdue debts, in order not to be correlated with public equity markets as well as reducing price fluctuations and volatility typical to stock exchange markets. Investors who decide to invest in such alternative assets have limited investment liquidity in the short term but are compensated by regular and sustainable rates of return in the medium to long term.